in vitro effects of musa x paradisiaca extracts on four developmental stages of haemonchus contortus.this study was carried out to evaluate the in vitro effect of musa x paradisiaca stem and leaf against the parasitic nematode of small ruminants haemonchus contortus. three extracts (aqueous, methanolic and/or dichloromethane) of musa x paradisiaca stem and leaf were tested in vitro on four developmental stages of h. contortus using egg hatch assay (eha), larval development assay (lda), l3 migration inhibition assay (lmi) and adult worm motility assay (awm). the highly significant (p<0.0001) abi ...201424382490
comparison of the resistance to sympatric and allopatric isolates of haemonchus contortus of black belly sheep in guadeloupe (fwi) and of inra 401 sheep in france.the resistance of a tropical breed of sheep towards the nematode parasite haemonchus contortus (hc) was compared to that of a european breed after artificial infection with the parasite following a 2 x 2 x 2 experimental design: two isolates (hc gua from guadeloupe versus hc fra from france), two breeds each reared in their native habitats (black belly (bb) in guadeloupe, fwi, inra 401 reared in france), and two groups of lambs with differing infection status (one naive, i.e. infected for the fi ...200314519318
impact on productivity of peri-parturient rise in fecal egg counts in creole goats in the humid tropics.the control of gastrointestinal nematodes requires an understanding of their epidemiology so that particular parasite stages can be targeted. dam infection during early lactation is one example of this in ruminant nematode infections. the existence of the peri-parturient relaxation in immunity and its impact on productivity were examined in a creole goat flock from guadeloupe, exposed to mixed natural infection (predominantly haemonchus contortus and trichostrongylus colubriformis). a total of 1 ...200516165278
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