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potential interactions between acanthocephalus anguillae and pomphorhynchus laevis in their natural hosts chub, leuciscus cephalus and the european eel, anguilla anguilla.chub and eels were experimentally infected via intermediate hosts harbouring cystacanths, with pomphorhynchus laevis alone, or acanthocephalus anguillae alone, or simultaneously with mixtures of both species in varying proportions, and sampled at 7, 56 or 112 days post-infection. examination of chub revealed that both species showed low establishment and growth rates, differing markedly from british field data, where chub is apparently one of the most important hosts, and preventing further mean ...19911852495
colonization and establishment of pomphorhynchus laevis (acanthocephala) in an isolated english river.the successful colonization, establishment and spread of pomphorhynchus laevis in a small, isolated, devon river 128 km from the parasite's nearest focus in dorset was followed over 11 years from 1985. the parasite was first detected in anguilla anguilla and platichthys flesus in 1988: by 1995 it had attained prevalence levels of 22.6% in a. anguilla and 43.6% in p. flesus and also occurred in 100% salmo trutta, 50% cottus gobio and noemacheilus barbatulus. as judged by prevalence, abundance, pr ...19968991914
richness and diversity of parasite communities in european eels anguilla anguilla of the river rhine, germany, with special reference to helminth parasites.a total of 121 european eels (anguilla anguilla) from 2 sampling sites on the river rhine were investigated in respect of their parasite communities. special attention was given to the swim bladders, intestines, gills and fins of the fish. twelve different parasite species were found to live in and on the eels. data from each sampling site were kept separate. parasites found in descending order of prevalence were: anguillicola crassus, trypanosoma granulosum, myxobolus sp., paratenuisentis ambig ...199910503258
helminth communities of european eels anguilla anguilla (linnaeus, 1758) from the vistula lagoon and puck bay, poland.within 2001-2002 a total of 621 eel anguilla anguilla (l., 1758) (488 from the vistula lagoon and 133 from the puck bay) were examined. fifteen parasite taxa were recovered: pseudodactylogyrus anguillae (yin et sproston, 1948), brachyphallus crenatus (rudolphi, 1802), deropristis inflata (molin, 1859), diplostomum spp., bothriocephalus claviceps (goeze, 1782), proteocephalus macrocephalus (creplin, 1825), anguillicola crassus (kuwahara, niimi et itagaki, 1974), camallanus lacustris (zoega, 1776) ...200516838624
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