parasitological study of a population of tiber river eels (anguilla anguilla).a study was conducted on the parasitofauna of anguilla anguilla caught in the section of the tiber river south of rome (italy). the sample examined consisted of 417 specimens that were classified by stage (elver, young yellow eel, yellow eel and silver eel) and season of sampling. the following species were identified: trypanosoma granulosum, eimeria anguillae, myxidium giardi, sphaerospora reichenowi, myxobolus sp., trichodina anguilli, ichthyohodo sp., gyrodactylus anguillae, bothriocephalus c ...19873508508
helminth communities of european eels anguilla anguilla (linnaeus, 1758) from the vistula lagoon and puck bay, poland.within 2001-2002 a total of 621 eel anguilla anguilla (l., 1758) (488 from the vistula lagoon and 133 from the puck bay) were examined. fifteen parasite taxa were recovered: pseudodactylogyrus anguillae (yin et sproston, 1948), brachyphallus crenatus (rudolphi, 1802), deropristis inflata (molin, 1859), diplostomum spp., bothriocephalus claviceps (goeze, 1782), proteocephalus macrocephalus (creplin, 1825), anguillicola crassus (kuwahara, niimi et itagaki, 1974), camallanus lacustris (zoega, 1776) ...200516838624
parasite communities of eels anguilla anguilla in freshwater and marine habitats in iceland in comparison with other parasite communities of eels in europe.ninety-five eels from one marine and three freshwater localities in iceland were examined for parasites. twenty species were found, 12 from marine habitat, 12 from freshwater and 4 species were found in both habitats. these are: eimeria anguillae, chilodonella hexasticha, trichodina fultoni, t. jadranica, myxidium giardi, myxobolus kotlani, two zschokkella spp., derogenes varicus, deropristis inflata, diplostonmum sp., plagioporus angulatus, podocotyle atomon, anisakis simplex (larva), eustrongy ...200717886743
parasite communities in eels of the island of reunion (indian ocean): a lesson in parasite introduction.eel populations from the small rivers on the island of reunion (french overseas department in the indian ocean) were investigated with respect to the occurrence and abundance of helminths during the autumn of 2005. the native species anguilla marmorata (n = 80), anguilla bicolor (n = 23), and anguilla mossambica (n = 15) were studied. six species of helminths were identified, four of them having a definitely nonnative status. furthermore, unidentified intra-intestinal juvenile cestodes and extra ...200818288491
influence of site, season, silvering stage, and length on the parasites of the european eel anguilla anguilla in two mediterranean coastal lagoons of the island of corsica, france using indicator species method.the parasites of 425 european eels, anguilla anguilla, were studied between 2009 and 2012 in two mediterranean coastal lagoons of the island of corsica, france. an indicator value (indval) method was used for analysis, which combines measures of fidelity and specificity. because of its resilience to detect changes in abundance, indval is an effective ecological bioindicator. the indval method demonstrated that site, season, silvering stage, and length could influence the occurrence of parasite s ...201323739809
ultrastructure of the spermatozoon of bothriocephalus claviceps (cestoda, pseudophyllidea): a parasite of anguilla anguilla (fish, teleostei).the mature bothriocephalus claviceps spermatozoon is filiform and tapered at both extremities. it contains two axonemes of unequal lengths of the 9+"1" pattern of the trepaxonemata. the anterior extremity exhibits an apical cone of an electron-dense material about 6.6 microm long by 0.2 microm wide at its base and a crest-like body making an angle of about 40 degrees with the spermatozoon axis. it is spiralized around the whole extremity of the spermatozoon. the nucleus is a cord of electron-den ...200717235546
[evolutive cycle, in a single intermediate host, of bothriocephalus claviceps (goeze, 1782), cestode of anguilla anguilla l]. 200614220586
[experimental approach to the role of the paratenic host in the circulation of the parasite bothriocephalus claviceps goeze, 1782 (cestoda, pseudophyllidea)].this article concerns an experimental work monitored in 5 species of fishes in the order to evaluate their value of paratenic hosts, in the cycle of bothriocephalus claviceps, a parasite of the eel, anguilla anguilla. the intestinal localisation and the lack of development of parasites are the two principal characters of this parasitism. the second character is sometimes contradicted. the effective evolution has been observed during 20 days. the more important losses of parasites coincide with t ...19863813425
the concept of specificity in the procercoid-copepod system: bothriocephalus claviceps (cestoda) a parasite of the eel (anguilla anguilla).this paper describes experimental work on parasite specificity in the copepod-procercoid system of bothriocephalus claviceps. two criteria were used to characterize five potential host species macrocyclops albidus, macrocyclops fuscus, eucyclops serrulatus, acanthocyclops robustus and macrocyclops viridis viridis. the first criterion involves susceptibility of the copepods to infection. the results show random or aggregative distributions and variable susceptibilities according to the species. w ...19873575289
life-cycle of bothriocephalus claviceps, a specific parasite of eels.the life-cycle of the tapeworm bothriocephalus claviceps (goeze, 1782) (cestoda: pseudophyllidea), a specific parasite of eels (anguilla spp.), was studied under experimental conditions. it was demonstrated that the parasite completed its development within 4 months at the temperature range of 22-24 degrees c. embryonic development was finished in 2 days at this temperature, when coracidia spontaneously hatched. the rate of their development was controlled by water temperature, with delayed form ...19979271472
parasite fauna of the eel, anguilla anguilla (linnaeus, 1758), from the polish part of the vistula lagoon.eel is one of the most valuable commercial fish species of the vistula lagoon. for this reason its infection by non-indigenous species of parasites is the subject of the interest of sciencists.200617120993
richness and diversity of parasite communities in european eels anguilla anguilla of the river rhine, germany, with special reference to helminth parasites.a total of 121 european eels (anguilla anguilla) from 2 sampling sites on the river rhine were investigated in respect of their parasite communities. special attention was given to the swim bladders, intestines, gills and fins of the fish. twelve different parasite species were found to live in and on the eels. data from each sampling site were kept separate. parasites found in descending order of prevalence were: anguillicola crassus, trypanosoma granulosum, myxobolus sp., paratenuisentis ambig ...199910503258
long-term investigation of the composition and richness of intestinal helminth communities in the stocked population of eel, anguilla anguilla, in neusiedler see, from a long-term study of the intestinal helminth parasite community of eels, anguilla anguilla, stocked into the shallow eutrophic neusiedler see, austria, were collected over an 8 year period (1994-2001). in total, 720 eels from 2 sampling sites were examined. the parasite community showed characteristics similar to those in the natural eel populations in rivers of the uk and mainland europe: it was species poor, with only 5 species (acanthocephalus lucii, acanthocephalus anguillae, raphi ...200515727068
on the distribution and abundance of eel parasites in nova scotia: influence of ph.the geographic distribution of metazoan parasites of american eels (anguilla rostrata) was determined from 28 sites in the southern upland and adjacent regions of nova scotia. twelve parasite species were encountered. component community diversity as measured by species richness, shannon-wiener index (h') and hill's number (n1) decreased when ph < 5.4. seven species (azygia longa, crepidostomum brevivitellum, bothriocephalus claviceps, proteocephalus macrocephalus, paraquimperia tenerrima, echin ...19968636841
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