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molecular characterization of aeromonas species isolated from farmed eels (anguilla japonica).seventy aeromonas strains were identified by phylogenetic analysis using housekeeping genes (gyrb and rpod) in order to investigate etiological agents for aeromoniasis in farmed eels (anguilla japonica). the phylogenetic analysis showed that aeromonas aquariorum (n=22, 31.4%) was the predominant species among the investigated eel strains, followed by aeromonas caviae (n=16, 22.9%), a. veronii (n=13, 18.6%), a. hydrophila (n=12, 17.1%), a. jandaei (n=4, 5.7%), a. media (n=2, 2.9%), and a. trota ( ...201323499189
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