preliminary observations on the distribution, definitive hosts and possible relation with other schistosomes, of schistosoma margrebowiei, le roux, 1933 and schistosoma leiperi, le roux, attempting to define the south western limits of the distribution of schistosoma margrebowiei and s. leiperi and investigating their apparent limited distribution in relation to their snail hosts it was found that there was little overlap in the distribution of s. margrebowiei and s. leiperi and that of the human parasites s. haematobium and s. mansoni, and no overlap with s. mattheei within the area surveyed. it is suggested that the presence of either or both lechwe schistosomes prevented t ...1976965705
foot and mouth disease in zambia: a review of the aetiology and epidemiology and recommendations for possible zambia, foot and mouth disease (fmd) has been caused by all three of the south african territories serotypes (sat 1, 2 and 3) and by european types o and a. three areas of the country which have experienced repeated occurrences of the disease are considered high-risk areas. the three areas are as follows: the southern border area between zambia and zimbabwe, botswana and namibia, the kafue flats and the northern border with tanzania in the nakonde and mbala districts. the transfer mechanism o ...199910588002
disease constraints for utilization of the african buffalo (syncerus caffer) on game ranches in depending on wildlife is becoming increasingly profitable and landowners are beginning to favor game farming and ecotourism. in these areas, large-scale translocation of wildlife involves a diversity of species and large populations. the african buffalo (syncerus caffer) is one of the major tourist attractions in zambia. it accounts for 8.7% and 12.4% of the total animal species hunted in the game management areas and the total hunting revenue earned in zambia, respectively. it is ec ...200616786973
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