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identification by the blood incubation infectivity test of trypanosoma brucei subspecies isolated from game animals in the luangwa valley, zambia.a total of 7 stocks of trypanosoma brucei subspecies, isolated from naturally infected game animals in the luangwa valley, eastern province, zambia were examined using a modified version of the blood incubation infectivity test (biit). one stock giving consistent biit responses typical of t.b. rhodesiense, was obtained from warthog (phacochoerus aethiopicus). four other stocks, 2 from hyaena (crocuta crocuta), 1 from a waterbuck (kobus ellipsiprymnus) and 1 from a lion (panthera leo) responded l ...197944098
mitochondrial haplotype diversity in zambian lions: bridging a gap in the biogeography of an iconic species.analysis of dna sequence diversity at the 12s to 16s mitochondrial genes of 165 african lions (panthera leo) from five main areas in zambia has uncovered haplotypes which link southern africa with east africa. phylogenetic analysis suggests zambia may serve as a bridge connecting the lion populations in southern africa to eastern africa, supporting earlier hypotheses that eastern-southern africa may represent the evolutionary cradle for the species. overall gene diversity throughout the zambian ...201526674533
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