preliminary observations on the distribution, definitive hosts and possible relation with other schistosomes, of schistosoma margrebowiei, le roux, 1933 and schistosoma leiperi, le roux, attempting to define the south western limits of the distribution of schistosoma margrebowiei and s. leiperi and investigating their apparent limited distribution in relation to their snail hosts it was found that there was little overlap in the distribution of s. margrebowiei and s. leiperi and that of the human parasites s. haematobium and s. mansoni, and no overlap with s. mattheei within the area surveyed. it is suggested that the presence of either or both lechwe schistosomes prevented t ...1976965705
tuberculosis in kafue lechwe antelopes (kobus leche kafuensis) of the kafue basin in zambia.tuberculosis (tb) has been reported in the kafue lechwe antelopes (kobus leche kafuensis) of zambia. however, previous reports are restricted to the southern parts in lochinvar, where only old male animals were investigated. this study was conducted to gather epidemiological information on tb in lechwe antelopes across sexes and age groups in relation to other explanatory variables of disease occurrence in the kafue basin. animals were hunted under a special licence to investigate diseases in th ...201020417978
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