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colonization genetics of an animal-dispersed plant (vaccinium membranaceum) at mount st helens, washington.population founding and spatial spread may profoundly influence later population genetic structure, but their effects are difficult to quantify when population history is unknown. we examined the genetic effects of founder group formation in a recently founded population of the animal-dispersed vaccinium membranaceum (black huckleberry) on new volcanic deposits at mount st helens (washington, usa) 24 years post-eruption. using amplified fragment length polymorphisms and assignment tests, we dete ...200818194163
the effect of consumers and mutualists of vaccinium membranaceum at mount st. helens: dependence on successional contrast to secondary succession, studies of terrestrial primary succession largely ignore the role of biotic interactions, other than plant facilitation and competition, despite the expectation that simplified interaction webs and propagule-dependent demographics may amplify the effects of consumers and mutualists. we investigated whether successional context determined the impact of consumers and mutualists by quantifying their effects on reproduction by the shrub vaccinium membranaceum in ...201122028808
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