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association of ethylene dibromide (edb) with mature cranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon) fruit.ethylene dibromide (edb), a potential carcinogen, has been used in gasoline mixtures to avoid the accumulation of metallic lead in engines. ethylene dibromide is present in the environment and in groundwater. previous analysis has shown that edb levels have reached up to 16 microg l-1 in the groundwater at two fuel spill plumes in the vicinity of the massachusetts military reservation (mmr) base and up to 1.69 microg l-1 in the coonamessett and quashnet rivers in cape cod, ma (u.s. air force irp ...200111312844
injury to apical meristem of cranberry by dasineura oxycoccana (diptera: cecidomyiidae) reduces production of floral-units in the next growing season.cranberry tipworm, dasineura oxycoccana johnson (a gall-making fly), disrupts normal growth of cranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon aiton) by injuring the apical meristem of shoots or uprights. the impact of larval feeding injury on reproductive parameters of cranberry was determined, from one growing season to next, at upright (maine and massachusetts, 2008-2009) and plot levels (massachusetts, 2009-2010 and 2010-2011). we also estimated the proportions of uprights injured because of tipworm feedin ...201222928318
chromobacterium vaccinii sp. nov., isolated from native and cultivated cranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon ait.) bogs and irrigation ponds.a large number of gram-negative, motile, mesophilic, violacein-producing bacteria were isolated from the soils and roots of vaccinium macrocarpon ait. and kalmia angustifolia l. plants and from irrigation ponds associated with wild and cultivated cranberry bogs in massachusetts, usa. phylogenetic analyses of 16s rrna gene sequences placed these isolates in a clade with chromobacterium species, but the specialized environment from which they were isolated, their low genomic dna relatedness with c ...201322984138
impact of early season apical meristem injury by gall inducing tipworm (diptera: cecidomyiidae) on reproductive and vegetative growth of cranberry.larvae of cranberry tipworm, dasineura oxycoccana johnson, disrupt early season growth of cranberry (vaccinium macrocarpon aiton) uprights or shoots by feeding on apical meristem tissue. a 2-yr field study was carried out at three different locations to determine the impact of tipworm feeding injury on the reproductive and vegetative growth of two cranberry cultivars ('howes' and 'stevens') in massachusetts. in addition to tipworm-injured and intact control uprights, an artificial injury treatme ...201323865200
cranberry flowering times and climate change in southern massachusetts.plants in wild and agricultural settings are being affected by the warmer temperatures associated with climate change. here we examine the degree to which the iconic new england cranberry, vaccinium macrocarpon, is exhibiting signs of altered flowering phenology. using contemporary records from commercial cranberry bogs in southeastern massachusetts in the united states, we found that cranberry plants are responsive to temperature. flowering is approximately 2 days earlier for each 1 °c increase ...201424018848
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