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global warming and flowering times in thoreau's concord: a community a result of climate change, many plants are now flowering measurably earlier than they did in the past. however, some species' flowering times have changed much more than others. data at the community level can clarify the variation in flowering responses to climate change. in order to determine how north american species' flowering times respond to climate, we analyzed a series of previously unstudied records of the dates of first flowering for over 500 plant taxa in concord, massachusetts, ...200818409423
identification and field evaluation of attractants for the cranberry weevil, anthonomus musculus say.studies were conducted to develop an attractant for the cranberry weevil, anthonomus musculus, a pest of blueberry and cranberry flower buds and flowers in the northeastern united states. in previous studies, we showed that cinnamyl alcohol, the most abundant blueberry floral volatile, and the green leaf volatiles (z)-3-hexenyl acetate and hexyl acetate, emitted from both flowers and flower buds, elicit strong antennal responses from a. musculus. here, we found that cinnamyl alcohol did not incr ...201121445566
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