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identification and field evaluation of attractants for the cranberry weevil, anthonomus musculus say.studies were conducted to develop an attractant for the cranberry weevil, anthonomus musculus, a pest of blueberry and cranberry flower buds and flowers in the northeastern united states. in previous studies, we showed that cinnamyl alcohol, the most abundant blueberry floral volatile, and the green leaf volatiles (z)-3-hexenyl acetate and hexyl acetate, emitted from both flowers and flower buds, elicit strong antennal responses from a. musculus. here, we found that cinnamyl alcohol did not incr ...201121445566
lack of pollinators limits fruit production in commercial blueberry (vaccinium corymbosum).modern agriculture relies on domesticated pollinators such as the honey bee (apis mellifera l.), and to a lesser extent on native pollinators, for the production of animal-pollinated crops. there is growing concern that pollinator availability may not keep pace with increasing agricultural production. however, whether crop production is in fact pollen-limited at the field scale has rarely been studied. here, we ask whether commercial highbush blueberry (vaccinium corymbosum l.) production in new ...201425313694
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