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flight activity of usda-ars russian honey bees (hymenoptera: apidae) during pollination of lowbush blueberries in maine.flight activity was compared in colonies of russian honey bees, apis mellifera l. (hymenoptera: apidae), and italian bees during commercial pollination of lowbush blueberries (principally vaccinium angustifolium aiton) in washington co., me, in late may and early june in 2003 and 2004. colonies of the two stocks were managed equally in louisiana during autumn through early spring preceding observations in late spring each year. resulting average populations of adult bees and of brood were simila ...200717461046
ant diversity and distribution (hymenoptera: formicidae) throughout maine lowbush blueberry fields in hancock and washington counties.a 6-yr survey (2003-2008) identifying the ant fauna present in maine lowbush blueberry fields was conducted in washington and hancock counties. pitfall trapping, leaf litter, and hand collections, as well as protein and sugar baits were used to characterize the resident ant community in this habitat. estimates of faunal richness as impacted by the blueberry crop stage (pruned or fruit-bearing), methods of pest management (grower standard, reduced-risk, or organic), and location within fields (mi ...201222506993
harvestman (opiliones) fauna associated with maine lowbush blueberry fields in the major production areas of washington and hancock counties.over a period of 19 yr, the harvestman (opiliones) community associated with the lowbush blueberry agro-ecosystem in maine was studied. eight species representing five genera, four subfamilies, and two families of harvestmen belonging to the suborder eupnoi were collected. the harvestman community was dominated by two introduced, synanthropic species: phalangium opilio in all but 1 yr (that year dominated by rilaena triangularis). rilaena was recorded for the first time from eastern north americ ...201022546437
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