metal accumulation and evaluation of effects in a freshwater turtle.a variety of contaminants have been detected in aquatic and terrestrial environments around the paducah gaseous diffusion plant (pgdp), kentucky. the presence of these contaminants at the pgdp may pose a risk to biota, yet little is known about the bioaccumulation of contaminants and associated effects in wildlife, especially in aquatic turtles. the current study was initiated to evaluate: (1) the accumulation of heavy metals (cd, cr, cu, pb, and hg) in aquatic ecosystems associated with the pgd ...201121688058
correlation between heavy metals and turtle abundance in ponds near the paducah gaseous diffusion plant, kentucky, usa.reptiles are declining globally, and environmental contamination has been suggested as a contributing factor; however, few studies have investigated the relationship between contamination and reptile populations. we performed a mark-recapture study at ponds near the paducah gaseous diffusion plant (pgdp), kentucky, to determine if heavy metals had an impact on turtle populations. we measured concentrations of cadmium, chromium, copper, lead, and mercury in red-eared slider turtle (trachemys scri ...201323644581
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