a mycoplasma species of emydidae turtles in the northeastern usa.mycoplasma infections can cause significant morbidity and mortality in captive and wild chelonians. as part of a health assessment of endangered bog turtles (glyptemys muhlenbergii) in the northeastern us, choanal and cloacal swabs from these and other sympatric species, including spotted turtles (clemmys guttata), eastern box turtles (terrapene carolina carolina), wood turtles (glyptemys insculpta), and common snapping turtles (chelydra serpentina) from 10 sampling sites in the states (us) of d ...201525574806
stable isotopes of c and n reveal habitat dependent dietary overlap between native and introduced turtles pseudemys rubriventris and trachemys scripta.habitat degradation and species introductions are two of the leading causes of species declines on a global scale. invasive species negatively impact native species through predation and competition for limited resources. the impacts of invasive species may be increased in habitats where habitat degradation is higher due to reductions of prey abundance and distribution. using stable isotope analyses and extensive measurements of resource availability we determined how resource availability impac ...201323675437
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