spatial trends of dioxin-like compounds in atlantic anguillid eels.several temperate freshwater eel stocks have experienced unsustainable declines, yet to be explained. the decline of lake trout (salvelinus namaycush) in lake ontario has been linked to aryl-hydrocarbon receptor agonists such as polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins/dibenzofurans (pcdd/fs), dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls (dl-pcbs), and polychlorinated naphthalenes (pcns), and the question remains whether eels are affected similarly by these compounds. concentrations of pcdd/fs, dl-pcbs, and p ...201323528832
initial detection and molecular characterization of namaycush herpesvirus (salmonid herpesvirus 5) in lake trout.a novel herpesvirus was found by molecular methods in samples of lake trout salvelinus namaycush from lake erie, pennsylvania, and lake ontario, keuka lake, and lake otsego, new york. based on pcr amplification and partial sequencing of polymerase, terminase, and glycoprotein genes, a number of isolates were identified as a novel virus, which we have named namaycush herpesvirus (namhv) salmonid herpesvirus 5 (salhv5). phylogenetic analyses of three namhv genes indicated strong clustering with ot ...201626980431
residues of p,p'-dde in lake trout in little moose lake in new york state.residues of p,p'-dde were found in lake trout sampled in 1993 from little moose lake located remotely in the adirondack region of new york state. length accounted for 81% of the variation in p,p'-dde concentration when the data was fit to an exponential model. the presence of p,p'-dde in the fish was believed due to its long persistence in the aquatic environment following applications of ddt in the 1950s for control of black flies and mosquitoes.19947922150
pcb's in fish from selected waters of new york state.pcb residues in fish from 41 stations throughout new york state were monitored in 1975. nearly all fish contained pcb's in detectable amounts although the levels of contamination and specific aroclor varied. the hudson river contained the highest known pcb concentrations within the united states; levels often exceeded 100 ppm. other waters and fish which were significantly contaminated include lake ontario salmonids and cayuga lake lake trout. onondaga lake, previously closed to fishing because ...1979414199
epizootic neoplasia of the lateral line system of lake trout (salvelinus namaycush) in new york's finger lakes.this article documents an epizootic of inflammation and neoplasia selectively affecting the lateral line system of lake trout (salvelinus namaycush) in 4 finger lakes in new york from 1985 to 1994. we studied more than 100 cases of this disease. tumors occurred in 8% (5/64) of mature and 21% (3/14) of immature lake trout in the most severely affected lake. lesions consisted of 1 or more neoplasm(s) in association with lymphocytic inflammation, multifocal erosions, and ulcerations of the epidermi ...201323528941
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