first reports of ectoparasites collected from wild-caught exotic reptiles in florida.we collected ectoparasites from 27 of 51 wild-caught, free-ranging exotic reptiles examined in florida from 2003 to 2008. sampled animals represented eight species, five of which yielded ectoparasites. reported new parasite distribution records for the united states include the following: the first collection of the african tick amblyomma latum (koch) from a wild-caught animal [ball python, python regius (shaw)] in the united states; the first collection of the lizard scale mite hirstiella stami ...201121337954
an ecological risk assessment of nonnative boas and pythons as potentially invasive species in the united states.the growing international trade in live wildlife has the potential to result in continuing establishment of nonnative animal populations in the united states. snakes may pose particularly high risks as potentially invasive species, as exemplified by the decimation of guam's vertebrate fauna by the accidentally introduced brown tree snake. herein, ecological and commercial predictors of the likelihood of establishment of invasive populations were used to model risk associated with legal commercia ...200516022706
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