relative utilization of reptiles and rodents as hosts by immature ixodes scapularis (acari: ixodidae) in the coastal plain of north carolina, usa.the interaction of immature black-legged ticks, ixodes scapularis, with reptiles and rodents was investigated in various woodland habitats in the coastal plain of north carolina. reptiles were sampled from april 1 to september 30, 1991. no ticks were found on 95 specimens representing 16 species of snakes. ticks were found on 54 (36.7%) of 147 lizards. i. scapularis was the only tick recovered from lizards. some lizards were collected in drift fence traps each month of the study except august. c ...19937628223
lizards as hosts for immature ixodes scapularis (acari: ixodidae) in north carolina.previously archived museum specimens of lizards collected throughout north carolina were examined for ixodes scapularis (say). lizards (n = 1,349) collected in 80 of north carolina's 100 counties were examined. lizards with ticks were collected in 23 (29%) of the 80 counties from which lizards were examined. i. scapularis was detected on 8.7% (n = 117) of the lizards and was the sole species of tick obtained from lizards. immature ticks were most frequently found on the southeastern five-lined s ...19979439111
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