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indirect effects of conservation policies on the coupled human-natural ecosystem of the upper gulf of california.high bycatch of non-target species and species of conservation concern often drives the implementation of fisheries policies. however, species- or fishery-specific policies may lead to indirect consequences, positive or negative, for other species or fisheries. we use an atlantis ecosystem model of the northern gulf of california to evaluate the effects of fisheries policies directed at reducing bycatch of vaquita (phocoena sinus) on other species of conservation concern, priority target species ...201323691155
genetic drift vs. natural selection in a long-term small isolated population: major histocompatibility complex class ii variation in the gulf of california endemic porpoise (phocoena sinus).although many studies confirm long-term small isolated populations (e.g. island endemics) commonly sustain low neutral genetic variation as a result of genetic drift, it is less clear how selection on adaptive or detrimental genes interplay with random forces. we investigated sequence variation at two major histocompatibility complex (mhc) class ii loci on a porpoise endemic to the upper gulf of california, méxico (phocoena sinus, or vaquita). its unique declining population is estimated around ...200717727623
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