fractures and refractures in intercollegiate athletes. an eleven-year experience.this report on fractures and refractures in intercollegiate athletes covers an 11-year period from the early fall of 1968 through the spring of 1979. two hundred thirty-one fractures occurred in 219 athletes. of these athletes, 185 were male and 34 were female. fractures occurred in 18 sports. of these 18, football, basketball, wrestling, and soccer led in number for men's (m) teams, and gymnastics, lacrosse, and volleyball led for ladies' (l) teams. (because of this institution's early involvem ...20177316018
the effect of state legislation on eye donation.pennsylvania act 102 implemented in march 1995 required all acute care hospitals in pennsylvania to routinely refer all deaths to the organ procurement organization for determination of suitability for organ/tissue donation. this study analyzed the effect of the law on eye donation.200111413401
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