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parasites and associated pathology observed in pinnipeds stranded along the oregon coast.forty-two seals and sea lions found dead along the oregon coast were examined for parasites and associated pathology. nematode infections of the lung and/or gastrointestinal tract were the primary cause of death in 5 of 42 animals examined. new distribution records were established for pricetrema zalophi and zalophotrema hepaticum. new host records include z. hepaticum and diphyllobothrium cordatum in the steller's sea lion (eumetopias jubatus); nanophyetus salmincola in the california sea lion ...1978567698
impact of routine inquiry legislation in oregon on eye donations.routine inquiry legislation can significantly affect procurement of donor eye tissues. oregon revised statute (ors) 97.268 was the first legislation of this type passed in the united states. in the first 12 months under this legislation, the oregon lions eye bank obtained, 2,312 eyes, sustaining a 135% increase in donor eye procurement over the yearly average for 1984-1985. during the first 12 months of routine inquiry, 484 corneas suitable for penetrating keratoplasty were obtained versus an an ...19873315459
first isolation of a calicivirus from the steller sea lion (eumetopias jubatus).a calicivirus was isolated from the rectum of a steller sea lion (eumetopias jubatus) pup on rogue reef, off the southern oregon coast. based on the results of neutralization tests with specific typing antisera, the isolate was identified as san miguel sea lion virus serotype 6 (smsv-6). blood obtained from nine of 37 pups (24%) during virus sample collection procedures had specific neutralizing antibodies to smsv-6. the isolation of smsv-6 from a steller sea lion represents, to our knowledge, t ...19873682080
isolation of reptilian calicivirus crotalus type 1 from feral pinnipeds.ten virus isolates were obtained from three species of marine mammals sampled on san miguel island (california, usa) and 1,200 km north on rogue reef (oregon, usa) during tagging operations in 1986-87. seven of these 10 were derived from 30 sampled steller sea lion (eumetopias jubatus pups, while two of 10 were isolated from one of 19 sampled california sea lion (zalophus californianus californianus pups, and the remaining isolate was derived from 30 sampled northern fur seal (callorhinus ursinu ...19989706554
temporal changes in the prevalence of parasites in two oregon estuary-dwelling fishes.the parasite faunas of juvenile english sole (parophrys vetulus) in 1971-1972 and staghorn sculpin (leptocottus armatus) in 1971 from yaquina bay, oregon, were compared with faunas found in the same estuary in 1997-2000 (english sole) and 1999-2000 (staghorn sculpin). the 7 most commonly occurring parasites in 1971 were compared with the same species observed during the same month and sampling sites in 1997-2000. multivariate community analysis of juvenile english sole parasites supported the su ...200415270100
assessment of harbor seal predation on adult salmonids in a pacific northwest estuary.the populations of many native species have increased or expanded in distribution in recent decades, sometimes with negative consequences to sympatric native species that are rarer or less adaptable to anthropogenic changes to the environment. an example of this phenomenon from the pacific northwest is predation by locally abundant pinnipeds (seals and sea lions) on threatened, endangered, or otherwise depleted salmonid (oncorhynchus spp.) populations. we used survey sampling methodology, acoust ...200717489243
novel hemotrophic mycoplasma identified in naturally infected california sea lions (zalophus californianus).the hemoplasmas are the trivial name for a group of erythrocyte-parasitizing, non-cultivable in vitro bacteria of the genus mycoplasma that have been described in several mammalian hosts worldwide. this study is the first report of hemoplasmas in marine mammals. edta anticoagulated whole blood samples from 137 california sea lions (zalophus californianus) and 20 northern elephant seals (mirounga angustirostris) admitted to the marine mammal center (sausalito, ca; or l ...201021111543
cylicospirura species (nematoda: spirocercidae) and stomach nodules in cougars (puma concolor) and bobcats (lynx rufus) in oregon.the stomachs and proximal duodena of 160 cougars (puma concolor) and 17 bobcats (lynx rufus), obtained throughout oregon during 7 yr, were examined for cylicospirura spp. and associated lesions. prevalence in cougars was 73%, with a range in intensity of 1-562 worms. the mean diameter of nodules was 1.2 cm (sd=0.5), and many extended through the submucosa to the muscularis. about 83% of cougars had nodules; most nodules contained worms, but 14% of the smaller nodules (<0.2 cm) contained porcupin ...201121270003
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