coxiella burnetii infection of a steller sea lion (eumetopias jubatus) found in washington state.a pregnant sea lion stranded in the state of washington was found to have placentitis caused by a unique strain of coxiella burnetii. this is the first description of coxiellosis in a sea lion and suggests that exposure to sea lions may be a risk factor for contracting q fever.201020592144
mortality related to spotted ratfish (hydrolagus colliei) in pacific harbor seals (phoca vitulina) in washington state.tissue perforation and penetration by dorsal fin spines of spotted ratfish (hydrolagus colliei) were responsible for the death of seven harbor seals (phoca vitulina) in washington state (usa) between 2006 and 2011. in six animals, necropsy revealed spines or spine parts that had perforated the esophagus or stomach and migrated into vital tissues, resulting in hemothorax, pneumothorax, pleuritis, and peritonitis. in a seventh case, a ratfish spine was recovered from the mouth of a harbor seal eut ...201223060509
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