progress in the early identification of hearing impaired infants in mississippi.the prevalence of permanent congenital hearing loss is three to four infants per thousand live births. because early intervention is effective in preventing speech and language delay, the nih has recommended universal newborn hearing screening. prior to this recommendation, several states, including mississippi which had one of the first hospital based screening programs, had statewide programs. in 1981 the lions clubs of mississippi and the university of mississippi medical center began an infa ...201425771621
infant hearing screening in mississippi.four national professional associations through their representatives on the joint committee on infant hearing have endorsed the importance of early identification of hearing impaired children. in this article the author reports on the past seven years of the infant hearing screening program at the university of mississippi medical center. he notes that efforts are currently underway to extend the ihs program to other hospitals in mississippi in cooperation with the lions club. at the present ti ...19892593149
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