mountain lions prey selectively on prion-infected mule deer.the possibility that predators choose prey selectively based on age or condition has been suggested but rarely tested. we examined whether mountain lions (puma concolor) selectively prey upon mule deer (odocoileus hemionus) infected with chronic wasting disease, a prion disease. we located kill sites of mountain lions in the northern front range of colorado, usa, and compared disease prevalence among lion-killed adult (> or =2 years old) deer with prevalence among sympatric deer taken by hunters ...201019864271
bartonella rochalimae and b. vinsonii subsp. berkhoffii in wild carnivores from colorado, usa.spleen samples from 292 wild carnivores from colorado, us were screened for bartonella infection. bartonella dna was detected in coyotes ( canis latrans ) (28%), striped skunks ( mephitis mephitis ) (23%), red foxes ( vulpes vulpes ) (27%), and raccoons ( procyon lotor ) (8%) but not in black bears ( ursus americanus ), gray foxes ( urocyon cinereoargenteus ), and mountain lions ( puma concolor ). two bartonella species, b. vinsonii subsp. berkhoffii and b. rochalimae, were identified. all 10 in ...201627529290
assessing timing and causes of neonatal lamb losses in a bighorn sheep ovis canadensis canadensis herd via use of vaginal implant transmitters.we evaluated the use of vaginal implant transmitters (vits) as a means of detecting, capturing, and radio collaring rocky mountain bighorn sheep ( ovis canadensis canadensis) lambs to estimate survival and to facilitate carcass recovery to assess causes of mortality. we focused on one of several bighorn herds in colorado, usa, suffering from depressed recruitment that was not preceded by a classic all-age die-off. we captured, radio-collared, diagnosed pregnancy by ultrasound examination, and in ...201728192042
novel gammaherpesviruses in north american domestic cats, bobcats, and pumas: identification, prevalence, and risk factors.gammaherpesviruses (ghvs) are a diverse and rapidly expanding group of viruses associated with a variety of disease conditions in humans and animals. to identify felid ghvs, we screened domestic cat (felis catus), bobcat (lynx rufus), and puma (puma concolor) blood cell dna samples from california, colorado, and florida using a degenerate pan-ghv pcr. additional pan-ghv and long-distance pcrs were used to sequence a contiguous 3.4-kb region of each putative virus species, including partial glyco ...201424453374
synoptic sampling and principal components analysis to identify sources of water and metals to an acid mine drainage stream.combining the synoptic mass balance approach with principal components analysis (pca) can be an effective method for discretising the chemistry of inflows and source areas in watersheds where contamination is diffuse in nature and/or complicated by groundwater interactions. this paper presents a field-scale study in which synoptic sampling and pca are employed in a mineralized watershed (lion creek, colorado, usa) under low flow conditions to (i) quantify the impacts of mining activity on stream ...201728589273
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