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the islands are different: human perceptions of game species in hawaii.hawaii's game animals are all non-native species, which provokes human-wildlife conflict among stakeholders. the management of human-wildlife conflict in hawaii is further complicated by the discrete nature of island communities. our goal was to understand the desires and perceived values or impacts of game held by residents of hawaii regarding six game species [pigs (sus scrofa), goats (capra hircus), mouflon (ovis musimon), axis deer (axis axis), turkeys (melagris gallopavo), and doves (geopel ...201425129387
toxoplasma gondii isolates from mouflon sheep (ovis ammon) from hawaii, usa.little is known of toxoplasma gondii isolates circulating in wildlife. the mouflon (ovis ammon) is very popular game animal, hunted for its trophy horns. here, we report the isolation and genetic characterization of t. gondii from two mouflons from hawaii, usa. both sheep had antibodies titers of 1:800 or higher. viable t. gondii were isolated and nested pcr-rflp genotyping revealed two genotypes, a clonal type iii (designated tgmouflonus1), and a new genotype (designated tgmouflonus2, and toxod ...201525066494
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