symposium on structure, function and evolution of glycoproteins and related molecules. dedicated to robert l. hill to commemorate his 65th birthday. orcas island, washington, august 16-19, 1995. 19969053040
creating a note classification scheme for a multi-institutional electronic medical notes are categorized in an electronic medical record (emr) influences how rapidly users can locate documents and enter new ones, whether algorithmic search for chart deficiencies is possible, and the ease of incorporating collections of existing notes. we balanced these competing needs when developing a note classification scheme for the online record of clinical activity (orca) electronic medical record at the university of washington.200314728472
environment: whale-call response to masking boat noise.background noise can interfere with the detection and discrimination of crucial signals among members of a species. here we investigate the vocal behaviour in the presence and absence of whale-watcher boat traffic of three social groups (pods) of killer whales (orcinus orca) living in the nearshore waters of washington state. we find longer call durations in the presence of boats for all three pods, but only in recent recordings made following a period of increasing boat traffic. this result ind ...200415118717
haul-out behavior of harbor seals (phoca vitulina) in hood canal, washington.the goal of this study was to model haul-out behavior of harbor seals (phoca vitulina) in the hood canal region of washington state with respect to changes in physiological, environmental, and temporal covariates. previous research has provided a solid understanding of seal haul-out behavior. here, we expand on that work using a generalized linear mixed model (glmm) with temporal autocorrelation and a large dataset. our dataset included behavioral haul-out records from archival and vhf radio tag ...201222723851
distinguishing the impacts of inadequate prey and vessel traffic on an endangered killer whale (orcinus orca) population.managing endangered species often involves evaluating the relative impacts of multiple anthropogenic and ecological pressures. this challenge is particularly formidable for cetaceans, which spend the majority of their time underwater. noninvasive physiological approaches can be especially informative in this regard. we used a combination of fecal thyroid (t3) and glucocorticoid (gc) hormone measures to assess two threats influencing the endangered southern resident killer whales (srkw; orcinus o ...201222701560
estimation of southern resident killer whale exposure to exhaust emissions from whale-watching vessels and potential adverse health effects and toxicity thresholds.southern resident killer whales in british columbia and washington are exposed to heavy vessel traffic. this study investigates their exposure to exhaust gases from whale-watching vessels by using a simple dispersion model incorporating data on whale and vessel behavior, atmospheric conditions, and output of airborne pollutants from the whale-watching fleet based on emissions data from regulatory agencies. our findings suggest that current whale-watching guidelines are usually effective in limit ...201121276987
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