evaluation of potential relationships between chemical contaminants in sediments and aquatic organisms from the lower passaic river, new jersey, usa.the lower passaic river, new jersey, usa, a tidal tributary to newark bay and part of the new york and new jersey harbor estuary, is contaminated with a variety of persistent organic pollutants (pops) due to nearly two centuries of heavy industrialization and urbanization. resident aquatic organisms are exposed to, and can bioaccumulate, a variety of chemical contaminants from sediments, water and other organisms. in the present study, the relationships between selected pops detected in both sur ...201121520249
contaminants in fish of the hackensack meadowlands, new jersey: size, sex, and seasonal relationships as related to health risks.the trace metal content and related safety (health risk) of hackensack river fish were assessed within the hackensack meadowlands of new jersey, usa. eight elements were analyzed in the edible portion (i.e., muscle) of species commonly taken by anglers in the area. the white perch collection (morone americana) was large enough (n = 168) to enable statistically significant inferences, but there were too few brown bullheads and carp to reach definite conclusions. of the eight elements analyzed, th ...200717106790
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