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chemical contaminants, health indicators, and reproductive biomarker responses in fish from the colorado river and its tributaries.common carp (cyprinus carpio), black bass (micropterus spp.), and channel catfish (ictalurus punctatus) were collected from 14 sites in the colorado river basin (crb) to document spatial trends in accumulative contaminants, health indicators, and reproductive biomarkers. organochlorine residues, 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin-like activity (tcdd-eq), and elemental contaminants were measured in composite samples of whole fish, grouped by species and gender, from each site. selenium (se) and ...200717418376
prey capture behavior of native vs. nonnative fishes: a case study from the colorado river drainage basin (usa).the colorado river drainage basin is home to a diverse but imperiled fish fauna; one putative challenge facing natives is competition with nonnatives. we examined fishes from colorado river tributaries to address the following questions: do natives and nonnatives from the same trophic guild consume the same prey items? will a given species alter its behavior when presented with different prey types? do different species procure the same prey types via similar feeding behaviors? roundtail chub (g ...201222514041
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