mercury bioaccumulation and biomagnification in ozark stream ecosystems.crayfish (orconectes spp.), asian clam (corbicula fluminea), northern hog sucker (hog sucker; hypentelium nigricans), and smallmouth bass (smallmouth; micropterus dolomieu) from streams in southeastern missouri (usa) were analyzed for total mercury (hgt) and for stable isotopes of carbon (δ¹³c), nitrogen (δ¹⁵n), and sulfur (δ³⁴s) to discern hg transfer pathways. hgt concentrations were generally lowest in crayfish (0.005-0.112 μg/g dw) and highest in smallmouth (0.093-4.041 μg/g dw), as was δ¹⁵n ...201121868094
climate change simulations predict altered biotic response in a thermally heterogeneous stream system.climate change is predicted to increase water temperatures in many lotic systems, but little is known about how changes in air temperature affect lotic systems heavily influenced by groundwater. our objectives were to document spatial variation in temperature for spring-fed ozark streams in southern missouri usa, create a spatially explicit model of mean daily water temperature, and use downscaled climate models to predict the number of days meeting suitable stream temperature for three aquatic ...201425356982
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