blood lead levels of wild steller's eiders (polysticta stelleri) and black scoters (melanitta nigra) in alaska using a portable blood lead analyzer.sea duck populations are declining in alaska. the reasons for the decline are not known; environmental lead exposure is one suspected cause. thirty wild steller's eider ducks (polysticta stelleri) and 40 wild black scoter ducks (melanitta nigra) were tested for blood lead levels using a portable blood lead analyzer (leadcare; esa, inc., chelmsford, massachusetts 01824, usa). sixty-seven and one-tenth percent of the sea ducks had undetectable blood lead levels, 30.0% had values indicating normal ...200617319136
detection of wellfleet bay virus antibodies in sea birds of the northeastern united states.wellfleet bay virus (wfbv) is a recently described orthomyxovirus isolated from the tissues of common eiders (somateria mollissima) collected during recurrent mortality events on cape cod, massachusetts, usa. coastal massachusetts is the only location where disease or mortality associated with this virus has been detected in wild birds, and a previous seroprevalence study found a significantly higher frequency of viral exposure in eiders from this location than from other areas sampled in north ...201728640712
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