first u.s. record of the hard tick ixodes (pholeoixodes) gregsoni lindquist, wu, and redner.ixodes (pholeoixodes) gregsoni lindquist, wu, and redner, a species of hard tick described in 1999 in canada, was recovered from a harvested fisher (martes pennanti erxleben) and a domestic cat (felis silvestris catus ragni and randi) in vermont in 2001 and from harvested mink (mustela vison schreber) in maine in 2003. these samples are the first records of this species within the united states. although knowledge of this tick's natural history and distribution are still preliminary, these recor ...200717626374
landscape genetics of fishers (martes pennanti) in the northeast: dispersal barriers and historical influences.habitat fragmentation and overtrapping are thought to have resulted in severe population declines for fisher (martes pennanti) across the northeastern united states, and by the end of the 1930s only 3 remnant populations remained. subsequent trapping cessation, extensive reintroduction programs, and natural recolonization have helped fishers to reclaim much of their historical range. the degree to which these processes have impacted genetic structure in this species, however, remains unknown. we ...201121389071
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