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introduction to the special collection of papers on the san luis basin sustainability metrics project: a methodology for evaluating regional sustainability.this paper introduces a collection of four articles describing the san luis basin sustainability metrics project. the project developed a methodology for evaluating regional sustainability. this introduction provides the necessary background information for the project, description of the region, overview of the methods, and summary of the results. although there are a multitude of scientifically based sustainability metrics, many are data intensive, difficult to calculate, and fail to capture a ...201222560056
evaluating the sustainability of a regional system using fisher information in the san luis basin, colorado.this paper describes the theory, data, and methodology necessary for using fisher information to assess the sustainability of the san luis basin (slb) regional system over time. fisher information was originally developed as a measure of the information content in data and is an important method in information theory. our adaptation of fisher information provides a means of monitoring the variables of a system to characterize dynamic order, and, therefore, its regimes and regime shifts. this wor ...201221930337
a reappraisal of the epidemiology of phenotypes of neisseria gonorrhoeae.we analyzed published data from studies of the epidemiology of gonococcal auxotype/serovar phenotypes in seattle and king county, washington; denver, colorado; and miami and dade county, florida, to determine whether the numbers of new phenotypes were within the ranges of numbers predicted from previous observations in the same populations. for this analysis, we used the model of fisher and good and turing. in all the analyses, the observed number of new species was within the 95% confidence reg ...19892500719
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