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performances on the nbme i, ii, and iii by medical students in the problem-based learning and conventional tracks at the university of new mexico.problem-based learning curricula are growing in popularity, and questions have been raised about the appropriateness of standardized examinations, such as the national board of medical examiners (nbme) parts i, ii, and iii examinations, for assessing students in these new curricula.19938352874
emergency contraception: pharmacy access in albuquerque, new mexico.emergency contraception could reduce the approximately 3 million unintended pregnancies that occur annually in the united states. dedicated emergency contraception products may be particularly useful because instructions are easy to understand and simple to follow. however, they must be available within a few days to women who have had unprotected intercourse. the goal of this study was to investigate whether women presenting to pharmacies in a moderately sized metropolitan area with a prescript ...200314672463
quasi-one-dimensional waves in rodent populations in heterogeneous habitats: a consequence of elevational gradients on spatio-temporal dynamics.wave propagation can be clearly discerned in data collected on mouse populations in the cibola national forest (new mexico, usa) related to seasonal changes. during an exploration of the construction of a methodology for investigations of the spread of the hantavirus epidemic in mice we have built a system of interacting reaction diffusion equations of the fisher-kolmogorov-petrovskii-piskunov type. although that approach has met with clear success recently in explaining hantavirus refugia and o ...201323219492
statewide ban on recreational fires resulted in a significant decrease in campfire-related summer burn center admissions.every summer, there is an increase in the number of burn injuries caused by accidents around campfires. because of the prevalence of drought, high winds, and uncontrolled wild fires, a statewide ban on recreational fires was instituted in new mexico from june to july 2011. we hypothesized that this legislation would have a significant impact on burn admissions caused by campfire-related injuries. a retrospective review of summer admissions to a state burn center was conducted to assess the effec ...201323292575
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