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a reappraisal of the epidemiology of phenotypes of neisseria gonorrhoeae.we analyzed published data from studies of the epidemiology of gonococcal auxotype/serovar phenotypes in seattle and king county, washington; denver, colorado; and miami and dade county, florida, to determine whether the numbers of new phenotypes were within the ranges of numbers predicted from previous observations in the same populations. for this analysis, we used the model of fisher and good and turing. in all the analyses, the observed number of new species was within the 95% confidence reg ...19892500719
sarcocystis sp. in mountain goats (oreamnos americanus) in washington: prevalence and search for the definitive host.during october and november 1986, sarcocystis sp. was detected in 24 of 56 (43%) tongues from hunter-killed mountain goats (oreamnos americanus) in washington (usa). sarcocysts had an unusual sessile polyp-shaped branched wall. mean size of 154 sarcocysts was 71.3 x 37.8 microns (range, 20 to 248 x 10 to 120 microns), and the mean intensity was 2.3 (range, 1 to 28). in an attempt to identify the definitive host, infected tongues were fed to four coyotes (canis latrans), eight domestic dogs, four ...19892509738
conservation genetics of the fisher (martes pennanti) based on mitochondrial dna sequencing.translocation of animals to re-establish extirpated populations or to maintain declining ones has often been carried out without genetic information on source or target populations, or adequate consideration of the potential effects of mixing genetic stocks. we consider the conservation status of the fisher (martes pennanti) and evaluate the potential genetic consequences of past and future translocations on this medium-sized carnivore by examining population variation in mitochondrial control-r ...200312492877
african american and latino patient versus provider perceptions of determinants of prenatal care initiation.few studies have compared provider and patient perceptions of barriers, motivators and facilitators of prenatal care (pnc) initiation. the current study compared these perceptions in providers and patients in washington, dc, a city characterized by infant mortality and low birth weight rates that are among the highest in the nation, and poor utilization of pnc, particularly among minority groups. the results reported here were part of a larger study of barriers, motivators and facilitators influ ...201121842248
advancing the use of local ecological knowledge for assessing data-poor species in coastal ecosystems.many of the world's most vulnerable and rapidly changing ecosystems are also among the most data-poor, leading to an increased interest in use of local ecological knowledge (lek) to document long-term environmental change. the integration of multiple knowledge sources for assessing species abundance and distribution has gained traction over the past decade as a growing number of case studies show concordance between lek and scientific data. this study advances the use of quantitative approaches ...201424689138
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