parasitism of mustelids by ixodid ticks (acari: ixodidae), maine and new hampshire, u.s.a.ticks collected from mustelids from four counties in maine and one in new hampshire were identified after harvest. of the 18 fishers martes pennanti erxleben, two mink neovison vison schreber, and one long-tailed weasel mustela frenata lichtenstein, 589 ticks were collected and identified. they were identified as, in order of abundance, ixodes gregsoni lindquist, wu, and redner (158 larvae, 189 nymphs, four adults), ixodes cookei packard (99 larvae, 77 nymphs, six adults), ixodes scapularis say ...201424690190
dracunculus insignis in fishers in new hampshire. 19846239848
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