first u.s. record of the hard tick ixodes (pholeoixodes) gregsoni lindquist, wu, and redner.ixodes (pholeoixodes) gregsoni lindquist, wu, and redner, a species of hard tick described in 1999 in canada, was recovered from a harvested fisher (martes pennanti erxleben) and a domestic cat (felis silvestris catus ragni and randi) in vermont in 2001 and from harvested mink (mustela vison schreber) in maine in 2003. these samples are the first records of this species within the united states. although knowledge of this tick's natural history and distribution are still preliminary, these recor ...200717626374
parasitism of mustelids by ixodid ticks (acari: ixodidae), maine and new hampshire, u.s.a.ticks collected from mustelids from four counties in maine and one in new hampshire were identified after harvest. of the 18 fishers martes pennanti erxleben, two mink neovison vison schreber, and one long-tailed weasel mustela frenata lichtenstein, 589 ticks were collected and identified. they were identified as, in order of abundance, ixodes gregsoni lindquist, wu, and redner (158 larvae, 189 nymphs, four adults), ixodes cookei packard (99 larvae, 77 nymphs, six adults), ixodes scapularis say ...201424690190
creation of a gilded trap by the high economic value of the maine lobster fishery.unsustainable fishing simplifies food chains and, as with aquaculture, can result in reliance on a few economically valuable species. this lack of diversity may increase risks of ecological and economic disruptions. centuries of intense fishing have extirpated most apex predators in the gulf of maine (united states and canada), effectively creating an american lobster (homarus americanus) monoculture. over the past 20 years, the economic diversity of marine resources harvested in maine has decli ...201121797925
impact of maine's statewide nutrition policy on high school food environments.we assessed the effect on the food environments of public high schools of maine's statewide nutrition policy (chapter 51), which banned "foods of minimal nutritional value" (fmnv) in public high schools that participated in federally funded meal programs. we documented allowable exceptions to the policy and describe the school food environments.201121159231
the precursors of governance in the maine lobster fishery.collective action is more likely to occur and to be effective when it is consistent with the self-interest of the affected individuals. the maine lobster fishery is an instructive example of biological and technological circumstances combining with individual self-interest to create conditions favorable to collective action. the model describes the way social structure emerges from the adaptive behavior of competing fishers. fishers compete in two ways: in a scramble to find the lobsters first a ...200717881579
patient choice cesarean--the maine experience.patient choice cesarean refers to elective primary cesarean in the absence of a medical or obstetrical indication. the purpose of this study was to determine obstetricians' attitudes and practices with respect to patient choice cesarean in maine, united states.200516128974
health and safety issues relating to maine's fishing industry.the maine agricultural safety and health program performed a needs assessment to determine the health and safety concerns of maine's fishing community. information for the assessment was obtained from clinicians, focus groups of wives of fishers, and government agencies. reports from the united states coast guard showed that during 1993-1994, sixty-five people were injured on commercial fishing vessels and eight people died. decompression illness was the most frequently reported non-fatal injury ...200419785219
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