prevalence of penicillin resistant and multi-drug resistant streptococcus pneumoniae at a children's hospital.streptococcus pneumoniae isolated at children's hospital of wisconsin during the winter of 1994 to 1995 and the winter of 1996 to 1997 were tested for susceptibility to penicillin, cephalosporins and other potentially therapeutically useful antimicrobial agents to determine the prevalence of penicillin and multi-drug resistant isolates. during those years, the prevalence of s. pneumomiae not susceptible to penicillin was 27% and 28%, respectively, with 14% and 18%, respectively, of the respirato ...199910414218
symptoms of pulmonary blastomycosis: northern wisconsin, united states.pulmonary disease is the most common manifestation of the systemic fungal infection, blastomycosis. this study examines symptoms of pulmonary blastomycosis and possible age and gender differences in a 22-year case series.200415636375
determination of trace metal concentrations in ginseng (panax quinquefolius (american)) roots for forensic comparison using inductively coupled plasma mass-spectrometry.the trace metal content of roots of samples of the american ginseng natural herbal plant species (panax quinquefolius) was investigated as a means of differentiating between this species grown on wisconsin and new zealand farms, and from canadian and chinese sources. icp-ms measurements were undertaken by ashing samples of the roots and then digestion with conc. hno3 and h2o2. there was considerable variation in the concentrations of 28 detectable elements along the length of a root, between dif ...201525955952
donation after cardiac death: the university of wisconsin experience with liver determine whether the outcomes of liver transplantation (ltx) from donation after cardiac death (dcd) donors are equivalent to those from donation after brain death (dbd) donors.200516244547
environmental contaminants and cholinesterase activity in the brain of fisher (martes pennanti) harvested in northern wisconsin. 19968661874
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