water quality as a predictor of gastrointestinal illness following incidental contact water recreation.microbial measures of water quality are predictors of gastrointestinal illness among swimmers in some settings but not in others. little is known whether water quality measures predict illness among people who engage in popular water recreation activities such as paddling, rowing, fishing, or boating ("incidental contact water recreation"). we sought to evaluate indicator microbes, protozoan pathogens, and turbidity as predictors of gastrointestinal illness following incidental contact water rec ...201526141425
human papilloma virus prevalence in a multiethnic screening population.the goal was to determine the prevalence of high-risk hpv16 using saliva in a screening population in detroit, michigan.201323300223
a statewide, community-based assessment of alvimopan's effect on surgical outcomes.alvimopan was approved by the food and drug administration in may 2008 and has been shown to accelerate gastrointestinal recovery after colectomy. our independent study evaluated alvimopan as it is used in actual hospital practice in the state of michigan. we hypothesized that alvimopan significantly decreases incidence of prolonged ileus and reduces length of stay (los) in patients who have undergone colectomy.201323388351
thrombolysis for acute ischemic stroke in joint commission-certified and -noncertified hospitals in michigan.the joint commission (jc) for accreditation of healthcare organizations has devised disease specific certification programs for hospitals, including stroke. jc certification as a primary stroke center (psc) suggests that the hospital has critical measures in place to ensure improving stroke outcomes over the long term. in this study, we focused on the delivery of care for patients with acute ischemic and compared differences in jc-certified and -noncertified centers in michigan.201321852156
evidence of disparity in the application of quality improvement efforts for the treatment of acute myocardial infarction: the american college of cardiology's guidelines applied in practice initiative in michigan.racial disparities exist in the management of patients with cardiovascular disease in the united states. the aim of the study was to evaluate if a structured initiative for improving care of patients with acute myocardial infarction (guidelines applied in practice [gap]) led to comparable care of white and nonwhite patients admitted to gap hospitals in michigan.201020211298
culturally competent treatment of african american clients among a national sample of outpatient substance abuse treatment units.this study measures the level of cultural competency with respect to african american clients that exists among a national sample of outpatient substance abuse treatment (osat) units and determines the relationship of cultural competency to various characteristics of these units and their clients. the study utilizes cross-sectional data from the 1995 national drug abuse treatment system survey (ndatss). the sample for ndatss was randomly selected from a comprehensive list of osat programs compil ...200312745026
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