helminth parasitism in martens (martes americana) and ermines (mustela erminea) from washington, with comments on the distribution of trichinella spiralis.helminths are reported for the first time from ermines (mustela erminea) and martens (martes americana) in washington (usa). among 22 adult ermines, 41% were infected by one or more of five species (taenia mustelae, alaria mustelae, molineus patens, m. mustelae and trichinella spiralis). among 78 adult martens from three geographic localities, the prevalence was 83%. nine species were identified (mesocestoides sp., t. mustelae and t. martis americana, euryhelmis squamula, m. patens, baylisascari ...19902250320
sarcocystis sp. in mountain goats (oreamnos americanus) in washington: prevalence and search for the definitive host.during october and november 1986, sarcocystis sp. was detected in 24 of 56 (43%) tongues from hunter-killed mountain goats (oreamnos americanus) in washington (usa). sarcocysts had an unusual sessile polyp-shaped branched wall. mean size of 154 sarcocysts was 71.3 x 37.8 microns (range, 20 to 248 x 10 to 120 microns), and the mean intensity was 2.3 (range, 1 to 28). in an attempt to identify the definitive host, infected tongues were fed to four coyotes (canis latrans), eight domestic dogs, four ...19892509738
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