effects of live-trapping and isoflurane anesthesia on free-ranging american martens (martes americana).seventy-two free-ranging american martens ( martes americana ) in michigan, us were immobilized using isoflurane from 2011 to 2015. in total, 129 anesthetic procedures were performed with no mortalities. hypothermia and hyperthermia were the most common anesthetic complications, and the mean rectal temperatures were significantly higher during summer than in winter. dental abnormalities were common; the majority of abnormal findings were broken or discolored teeth attributed to previous dental t ...201728231032
effects of multiple founder populations on spatial genetic structure of reintroduced american martens.reintroductions and translocations are increasingly used to repatriate or increase probabilities of persistence for animal and plant species. genetic and demographic characteristics of founding individuals and suitability of habitat at release sites are commonly believed to affect the success of these conservation programs. genetic divergence among multiple source populations of american martens (martes americana) and well documented introduction histories permitted analyses of post-introduction ...201020041991
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