high rates of detection of clade highly pathogenic avian influenza h5 viruses in wild birds in the pacific northwest during the winter of 2014, clade h5n8 highly pathogenic avian influenza (hpai) viruses spread across the republic of korea and ultimately were reported in china, japan, russia, and europe. mortality associated with a reassortant hpai h5n2 virus was detected in poultry farms in western canada at the end of november. the same strain (with identical genetic structure) was then detected in free-living wild birds that had died prior to december 8, 2014, of unrelated causes in whatcom county, washington, u. s. ...201627309079
surveillance for highly pathogenic influenza a viruses in california during 2014-2015 provides insights into viral evolutionary pathways and the spatiotemporal extent of viruses in the pacific americas flyway.we used surveillance data collected in california before, concurrent with, and subsequent to an outbreak of highly pathogenic (hp) clade influenza a viruses (iavs) in 2014-2015 to (i) evaluate iav prevalence in waterfowl, (ii) assess the evidence for spill-over infections in marine mammals and (iii) genetically characterize low-pathogenic (lp) and hp iavs to refine inference on the spatiotemporal extent of hp genome constellations and to evaluate possible evolutionary pathways. we screen ...201728874792
response of canada geese to a turf application of diazinon ag500.we investigated the effects of a turf application of the insecticide diazinon ag500 on canada geese (branta canadensis) on a golf course in coastal washington (usa). on both 19 and 26 march 1987, 1 ha of turf on a golf course located in birch bay, washington was treated with diazinon ag500 at a target application rate of 2.2 kg active ingredient per hectare (ai/ha). treated areas were then irrigated with 6 mm water. grass and water samples were collected from three different sites one day before ...19938355349
american wigeon mortality associated with turf application of diazinon ag500.nine fairways of a golf course located in bellingham, washington were treated with diazinon ag500 at a target application rate of 2.2 kg active ingredient (ai) per ha. the chemical application with a "boomless" sprayer resulted in a variable distribution of diazinon residues on the turf (associated with a deep thatch layer) that ranged from 1.0 to 6.2 kg ai/ha. the diazinon-treated turf was irrigated with 1.3 cm of water immediately following application. the post-irrigation diazinon residue lev ...19921602578
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