ethnic differences in stress, coping, and depressive symptoms after the exxon valdez oil spill.this study assessed levels of depressive symptomatology in a household probability sample of alaskan native (n = 188) and euro-american (n = 371) residents of 13 communities in alaska. our objective was to examine ethnic differences in both the association between depressive symptomatology and exposure to the exxon valdez oil spill and subsequent cleanup efforts, and in the role of family support as a moderator of exposure to this technological disaster. level of exposure was significantly assoc ...19921583472
use of the evidence base in substance abuse treatment programs for american indians and alaska natives: pursuing quality in the crucible of practice and policy.abstract: background: a variety of forces are now shaping a passionate debate regarding the optimal approaches to improving the quality of substance abuse services for american indian and alaska native communities. while there have been some highly successful efforts to meld the traditions of american indian and alaska native tribes with that of 12-step approaches, some american indian and alaska natives remain profoundly uncomfortable with the dominance of this euro-american approach to substan ...201121679438
behavioral health services "don't work for us": cultural incongruities in human service systems for alaska native psychology emphasizes the importance of context in the study of people's lives, and culture influences this in profound ways. to develop programs that effectively address diverse communities' problems, it is essential to recognize how euro-american human service systems are understood and responded to by the many different people being served by them. the article describes how some broadly defined social services-conceptualized and implemented within a euro-american framework-are ill s ...201121052820
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