fire history, related to climate and land use in three southern appalachian landscapes in the eastern united ecosystems and associated species are becoming increasingly rare in the southern appalachian mountains because of fire suppression policies implemented in the early 20th century. restoration of these communities through prescribed fire has been hindered by a lack of information on historical fire regimes. to characterize past fire regimes, we collected and absolutely dated the tree rings on cross sections from 242 fire-scarred trees at three different sites in the southern appala ...201324147399
a comparison of alcohol-related driving behavior of white and nonwhite north carolina drivers.this paper broadens the knowledge of drinking/driving behavior by examining the involvement of north carolina (nc) nonwhite drivers in alcohol-related (a/r) crashes and fatal crashes involving alcohol for the period of 1980 through 1988. the study identifies an a/r crash involvement problem for nonwhites, particularly nonwhite males above the age of 25 and nonwhite females above the age of 54. for ages 25 and higher, the a/r crash rates per licensed nonwhite male are at least twice those of whit ...19938357449
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