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a simulation of johne's disease control.a dynamic and stochastic simulation model (the "johnessim model") was developed to evaluate the economic and epidemiological effects of different strategies for control of paratuberculosis in dairy herds. animals occupy one of the six defined infection states; the spread of johne's disease is modeled with five infection routes. many different dairy farm situations can be simulated. control strategies that can be simulated are: (1) test-and-cull; (2) calf hygiene management; (3) vaccination and ( ...200212114011
sequence characterization, molecular phylogeny reconstruction and recombination analysis of the large rna of tomato spotted wilt virus (tospovirus: bunyaviridae) from the united states.tomato spotted wilt virus (tswv; tospovirus: bunyaviridae) has been an economically important virus in the usa for over 30 years. however the complete sequence of only one tswv isolate pa01 characterized from pepper in pennsylvania is available.201627038777
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