lsd use among miami's public school students.this analysis examined lsd use by 492 adolescents in dade county, florida public schools in 1992. significant factors which increase the probability of use include the fact that the adolescents are euro-american, peers' use of tranquilizers, ready access, and awareness of the risks.199910611773
invasion of old world phragmites australis in the new world: precipitation and temperature patterns combined with human influences redesign the invasive niche.after its introduction into north america, euro-asian phragmites australis became an aggressive invasive wetland grass along the atlantic coast of north america. its distribution range has since expanded to the middle, south and southwest of north america, where invasive p. australis has replaced millions of hectares of native plants in inland and tidal wetlands. another p. australis invasion from the mediterranean region is simultaneously occurring in the gulf region of the united states and so ...201323765641
association between mycobacterium tuberculosis lineage and site of disease in florida, 2009-2015.mycobacterium tuberculosis is characterized into four global lineages with strong geographical restriction. to date one study in the united states has investigated m. tuberculosis lineage association with tuberculosis (tb) disease presentation (extra-pulmonary versus pulmonary). we update this analysis using recent (2009-2015) data from the state of florida to measure lineage association with pulmonary tb, the infectious form of the disease.201728993293
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