proposed methods and endpoints for defining and assessing adverse environmental impact (aei) on fish communities/populations in tennessee river reservoirs.two multimetric indices have been developed to help address fish community (reservoir fish assemblage index [rfai]) and individual population quality (sport fishing index [sfi]) in tennessee river reservoirs. the rfai, with characteristics similar to the index of biotic integrity (ibi) used in stream fish community determinations, was developed to monitor the existing condition of resident fish communities. the index, which incorporates standardized electrofishing of littoral areas and experimen ...200212805895
fishing along the clinch river arm of watts bar reservoir adjacent to the oak ridge reservation, tennessee: behavior, knowledge and risk perception.catching and eating fish is usually viewed as a fun, healthy and safe activity. however, with continuing increases in fish consumption advisories due to the contamination of our environment, anglers have to decide whether or not to eat the fish they catch. the clinch river arm of watts bar reservoir is under a fish consumption advisory because of elevated pcb concentrations in striped bass (morone saxatilis), catfish (ictalurus spp.) and sauger (stizostedion canadense) due in part from contamina ...200212462581
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