body burden levels of dioxin, furans, and pcbs among frequent consumers of great lakes sport fish. the great lakes consortium.dioxins, furans, and polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) are toxic, persist in the environment, and bioaccumulate to concentrations that can be harmful to humans. sport anglers may be exposed to these residues via consumption of contaminated great lakes (gl) fish. the health departments of five gl states, wisconsin, michigan, ohio, illinois, and indiana, formed a consortium to study body burden levels of chemical residues in fish consumers of lakes michigan, huron, and erie. in fall 1993, a telepho ...199910092416
a critical analysis of illinois' fish mercury monitoring program, 1974-1998.mercury contamination in fish is a serious public health concern that contrasts with other health benefits of eating fish. like most us states, illinois has monitored fish mercury contamination for decades to warn the public of mercury exposure risks by consuming fish. has this monitoring program been effective in detecting public mercury exposure risks? i analyzed fish mercury contamination data from illinois inland lakes (1974-1998; > 2,300 samples, 18 fish species, 149 lakes) and found that: ...200717171274
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