maternal recall of children's consumption of commercial and sport-caught fish: findings from a multi-state study.a randomized telephone survey of 3015 women was conducted in an effort to assess the effectiveness of local sport-fish consumption advisories. survey participants were between the ages of 18 and 45 and lived in the states of arkansas, california, connecticut, florida, maine, minnesota, montana, new jersey, new mexico, north carolina, and wisconsin. at the time of the women's interview, fish and shellfish consumption information was obtained for children under 18 years of age living in the househ ...200716828736
description of the microsporidian parasite, heterosporis sutherlandae n. sp., infecting fish in the great lakes region, usa.heterosporosis is an increasingly important microsporidian disease worldwide, impacting wild and farmed raised fishes in both marine and freshwater environments. a previously undescribed species (heterosporis sp.), with widespread distribution in the great lakes region, was the subject of this study. three angler-caught fish were submitted to the minnesota veterinary diagnostic laboratory from 2009-2010 with lesions caused by intracellular proliferation of parasitic spores, resulting in destruct ...201526244983
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