body burden levels of dioxin, furans, and pcbs among frequent consumers of great lakes sport fish. the great lakes consortium.dioxins, furans, and polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) are toxic, persist in the environment, and bioaccumulate to concentrations that can be harmful to humans. sport anglers may be exposed to these residues via consumption of contaminated great lakes (gl) fish. the health departments of five gl states, wisconsin, michigan, ohio, illinois, and indiana, formed a consortium to study body burden levels of chemical residues in fish consumers of lakes michigan, huron, and erie. in fall 1993, a telepho ...199910092416
human mercury toxicity and ice angler fish consumption: are people eating enough to cause health problems?mercury contamination of aquatic ecosystems is a global environmental concern. bioaccumulation of mercury in fish exposes consumers to risk. we interviewed ice anglers on monona bay, wisconsin during the 2001-2002 ice fishing season to determine risk associated with fish consumption and methyl mercury (mehg) intake. the majority of anglers (95%) were not at risk of mercury toxicity because they ate less fish than would be required to create health problems. the remaining 5% of ice anglers barely ...200312836842
maternal recall of children's consumption of commercial and sport-caught fish: findings from a multi-state study.a randomized telephone survey of 3015 women was conducted in an effort to assess the effectiveness of local sport-fish consumption advisories. survey participants were between the ages of 18 and 45 and lived in the states of arkansas, california, connecticut, florida, maine, minnesota, montana, new jersey, new mexico, north carolina, and wisconsin. at the time of the women's interview, fish and shellfish consumption information was obtained for children under 18 years of age living in the househ ...200716828736
mortality among frequent consumers of great lakes sport fish.commercial and sport-caught fish provide a healthy source of dietary protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other micronutrients. regular fish consumption has been associated with decreased risk of heart disease and health professionals encourage adults to include fish in their weekly diets. however, fish harvested from contaminated waters can contain higher levels of persistent, bioaccumulative chemicals such as methylmercury, pcbs, dieldrin, and ddt. to assess the beneficial effects of fish intake ...201019811780
a simulation of food-web interactions leading to rainbow smelt osmerus mordax dominance in sparkling lake, wisconsin.a process-based simulation model was used to examine the nature and intensity of food-web interactions that allow osmerus mordax to dominate invaded lakes. the model simulates food-web interactions among linked populations of o. mordax, coregonus artedi and sander vitreus. simulations indicated that o. mordax dominate where: (1) adult o. mordax prey on young-of-the-year (yoy) c. artedi, (2) yoy o. mordax negatively affect yoy s. vitreus through competition and (3) adult s. vitreus experience mod ...201021039511
description of the microsporidian parasite, heterosporis sutherlandae n. sp., infecting fish in the great lakes region, usa.heterosporosis is an increasingly important microsporidian disease worldwide, impacting wild and farmed raised fishes in both marine and freshwater environments. a previously undescribed species (heterosporis sp.), with widespread distribution in the great lakes region, was the subject of this study. three angler-caught fish were submitted to the minnesota veterinary diagnostic laboratory from 2009-2010 with lesions caused by intracellular proliferation of parasitic spores, resulting in destruct ...201526244983
muskie lunacy: does the lunar cycle influence angler catch of muskellunge (esox masquinongy)?we analyzed angling catch records for 341,959 muskellunge (esox masquinongy) from north america to test for a cyclic lunar influence on the catch. using periodic regression, we showed that the number caught was strongly related to the 29-day lunar cycle, and the effect was consistent across most fisheries. more muskellunge were caught around the full and new moon than at other times. at night, more muskellunge were caught around the full moon than the new moon. the predicted maximum relative eff ...201424871329
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