consumption of pcb-contaminated sport fish and risk of spontaneous fetal death.spontaneous fetal death has been observed among various mammalian species after exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs). our exposure-based cohort study assessed the relationship between consumption of pcb-contaminated lake ontario sport fish and spontaneous fetal death using 1820 multigravid fertile women from the 1990-1991 new york state angler cohort study. fish consumption data were obtained from food frequency questionnaires and history of spontaneous fetal death from live birth certif ...19957656880
the new york angler cohort study: exposure characterization and reproductive and developmental health.the new york state angler study will evaluate the association between past and current consumption of contaminated fish from lake ontario and both short- and long-term health effects in a population-based cohort. it will measure fish consumption and reproductive and developmental health among 10,518 male anglers and 6,651 of their wives or partners, as well as among 913 female anglers. to characterize exposure among subgroups of the cohort, further analytical methods were developed and implement ...19968843550
consumption of contaminated sport fish from lake ontario and time-to-pregnancy. new york state angler fish from the great lakes are contaminated with halogenated organics, heavy metals, and pesticides, thus serving as a route of exposure for fish-consuming populations. these contaminants are recognized reproductive toxicants in animals; few human studies are available. the purpose of this study was to assess consumption of contaminated fish in relation to time-to-pregnancy (ttp) among women in the new york state angler cohort. in 1993, structured telephone interviews were conducted with 2, ...19979400336
consumption of pcb-contaminated freshwater fish and shortened menstrual cycle length.highly contaminated lake ontario sport fish represent an important human dietary exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) and other toxic contaminants that may disrupt endocrine pathways. new york state angler cohort women interviewed by telephone in 1993 provided menstrual cycle length (n = 2,223). fish consumption at cohort enrollment in 1991 was categorized by duration and frequency and was used to calculate a pcb exposure index. multiple regression analyses identified significant cycle l ...19979400337
comparison of pcb congeners and pesticide levels between serum and milk from lactating women.samples of blood and milk were obtained from lactating women participating in the new york state angler study. a total of seven women gave one blood and one milk sample at time intervals between blood and milk collection different for each woman. the time between samples varied from 3 to 318 days. one subject provided a second milk sample 219 days after the first milk sample. the samples were analyzed for 69 pcb congeners, dde (a metabolite of ddt), mirex, and hexachlorobenzene (hcb). lipid cont ...199910092447
infecundity and consumption of polychlorinated biphenyl-contaminated fish.biologic capacity for reproduction, or fecundity, may be threatened by environmental contaminants, especially compounds capable of disrupting endocrine pathways. telephone interviews that focused on reproductive events were conducted with female members of the new york state angler cohort study who became pregnant between 1991 and 1993 and who reported known time to pregnancy (n = 895; 73%). consumption of polychlorinated biphenyl-contaminated lake ontario sportfish and other factors were ascert ...200111480501
identification of sport fish consumption patterns in families of recreational anglers through factor analysis.this paper reports on the identification of sport fish consumption patterns in angler families through the factor analysis technique. new york state recreational anglers and their spouses or partners were surveyed in 1991 about their consumption of lake ontario and lake erie sport fish. respondents were surveyed again in 1997 to report the number of sport fish consumed by their children aged 5-10 years. parental report revealed that 60% of children had consumed at least one sport fish meal over ...200212051781
maternal fish consumption and infant birth size and gestation: new york state angler cohort study.the scientific literature poses a perplexing dilemma for pregnant women with respect to the consumption of fish from natural bodies of water. on one hand, fish is a good source of protein, low in fat and a rich source of other nutrients all of which have presumably beneficial effects on developing embryos and fetuses. on the other hand, consumption of fish contaminated with environmental toxicants such as polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) has been associated with decrements in gestation and birth ...200312826023
exploring associations between serum levels of select organochlorines and thyroxine in a sample of new york state sportsmen: the new york state angler cohort study.this preliminary study investigated associations between environmental organochlorine compounds and thyroid function in a sample of 66 sportsmen selected from among participants in the new york state angler cohort study. a cross-sectional design was employed with the primary goal of the analysis being the generation of specific testable hypotheses. blood samples were analyzed for compounds based on a priori identified literature-cited evidence of thyroid disruption. these included hexachlorobenz ...200312865048
birth defects risk associated with maternal sport fish consumption: potential effect modification by sex of offspring.contaminated sport fish consumption may result in exposure to various reproductive and developmental toxicants, including pesticides and other suspected endocrine disruptors. we investigated the relation between maternal sport fish meals and risk of major birth defects among infants born to members of the new york state (nys) angler cohort between 1986 and 1991 (n=2237 births). birth defects (n=125 cases) were ascertained from both newborn medical records and the nys congenital malformations reg ...200515533329
reliability of sport fish consumption in the new york state angler cohort study.this paper examines the reliability of sport fish consumption data from the new york state angler cohort study (nysacs). nysacs is a prospective cohort study conducted among new york state registered sportsmen and fishermen. sport fish consumption information for new york state waters including the great lakes between june 1990 and june 1991 were collected through self-administered questionnaires, spouses of male anglers were asked to provide their husbands' fish consumption during the same time ...200515533330
longitudinal study of babies born to mothers enrolled in a preconception prospective pregnancy study: study design and methodology, new york state angler cohort study.persistent environmental chemicals such as organochlorine pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) have been associated with alterations in fetal development and child health including subtle differences in developmental status. previous prospective studies have ascertained prenatal or postnatal exposures but none have been designed to assess exposures at critical windows including preconception. to address this gap, we followed infants born to mothers recruited prior to conception in the ...200515533332
profiles of ortho-polychlorinated biphenyl congeners, dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene, hexachlorobenzene, and mirex among male lake ontario sportfish consumers: the new york state angler cohort study.great lakes sportfish consumption is a recognized human exposure source to environmental organochlorine compounds. using data collected as part of the new york state angler cohort study, 203 males were considered with regard to history of lake ontario sportfish consumption and sera levels of 57 ortho-substituted polychlorinated biphenyl (pcb) congeners, dichlorodiphenyldichloroethylene, hexachlorobenzene, and mirex. consumption of six species of highly contaminated lake ontario sportfish during ...200515533334
body burdens of mercury in lower hudson river area anglers.the hudson river has been a federally designated superfund site for over 20 years. discharges of industrial waste and of treated and untreated sewage and atmospheric deposition have introduced mercury and other persistent pollutants to the hudson river ecosystem. despite new york and new jersey health advisories, many local anglers and their family members continue to consume fish caught from the river. to evaluate associations between body burden of mercury and local fish consumption, we conduc ...200616226244
body burdens of polybrominated diphenyl ethers among urban anglers.polybrominated diphenyl ethers (pbdes) have been widely used in the united states and worldwide as flame retardants. recent pbde production figures show that worldwide use has increased. to determine whether fish consumption is a source of pbde exposure for humans, a cross-sectional epidemiologic study of new york and new jersey urban anglers was conducted during the summers of 2001-2003. frequency of local fish consumption was assessed by questionnaire, and blood samples for pbde analysis were ...200516330348
reconstruction of walleye exploitation based on angler diary records and a model of predicted catches.the walleye population in canadarago lake, new york, was 81-95% exploited in the 1988 fishing season, the year in which a previous restriction on the length and number of legally harvestable fish was liberalized. using diary records from a subset of fishermen, growth estimates, and an estimate of the walleye population in the following year, a method is developed to reconstruct the fish population back to the spring of 1988 and thus determine the exploitation rate. the method is based on a model ...200717572449
exploratory assessment of perfluorinated compounds and human thyroid function.thyroid hormones play critical roles in human neurodevelopment and adult neurocognitive function. persistent organohalogen pollutants, such as perfluorinated compounds (pfcs), may interfere with thyroid homeostasis and thus exposures to these compounds might represent risk factors for neurologic and cognitive abnormalities. in this study, serum specimens collected from thirty-one licensed anglers in new york state were analyzed for levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (tsh), free thyroxine (ft( ...201019419669
assessment of polychlorinated biphenyl congeners, thyroid stimulating hormone, and free thyroxine among new york state anglers.experimental literature suggests that polychlorinated biphenyls (pcbs) alter thyroid function however studies of non-occupational or acute exposures in human populations have presented equivocal results. this study considered associations between pcbs and thyroid function biomarkers in a specially selected subsample of participants from the new york state angler cohort study, with the goal of hypotheses generation. between 1995 and 1997, 38 subjects donated a blood specimen and completed a quest ...200919493696
concurrent validity of the parent-completed ages and stages questionnaires, 2nd ed. with the bayley scales of infant development ii in a low-risk sample.abstract background this study assessed the concurrent validity of the ages and stages questionnaire (asq) compared with bayley scales of infant development ii (bsid ii) amongst children aged 24 months. methods data were collected from 53 infants and mothers who participated in the new york state angler cohort child development study. parents completed the 24-month asq to assess communication, personal-social, problem-solving ability, and fine and gross motor control. the bsid ii was administere ...201020030657
joint modeling of intercourse behavior and human fecundability using structural equation models.human fecundability is defined as the probability of conception during a menstrual cycle among couples at risk for pregnancy. it is highly relevant for understanding human reproduction and represents a series of highly interrelated and timed processes. the statistical literature has recognized the need to incorporate both biological and behavioral factors (barrett and marshall, 1969; dunson and stanford, 2005) when modeling conception probabilities, given that intercourse during the fertile wind ...201020173100
a survival analysis approach to modeling human fecundity.understanding conception probabilities is important not only for helping couples to achieve pregnancy but also in identifying acute or chronic reproductive toxicants that affect the highly timed and interrelated processes underlying hormonal profiles, ovulation, libido, and conception during menstrual cycles. currently, 2 statistical approaches are available for estimating conception probabilities depending upon the research question and extent of data collection during the menstrual cycle: a su ...201121697247
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