genetic structure of pacific flyway avian influenza viruses is shaped by geographic location, host species, and sampling period.the eight gene segments of avian influenza virus (aiv) reassort frequently and rapidly to generate novel genotypes and subtypes that are transmissible to a broad range of hosts. there is evidence that aiv can have a restricted host range and can segregate in space and time. host-virus relationships at the species, geographic, and spatial scales have not been fully defined for aiv populations of the pacific flyway, particularly among the diverse waterfowl that occupy the flyway in alaska and cali ...201222222690
monitoring organic contaminants in eggs of glaucous and glaucous-winged gulls (larus hyperboreus and larus glaucescens) from alaska.gull eggs have been used to monitor contaminants in many parts of the world. the seabird tissue archival and monitoring project (stamp) is a long-term program designed to track trends in pollutants in northern marine environments using seabird eggs. glaucous and glaucous-winged gull (larus hyperboreus and larus glaucescens) eggs collected in 2005 from seven alaskan colonies were analyzed for organic contaminants. concentrations ranged from below detection limits to 322 ng g(-1) wet mass in one e ...200919110348
extended-spectrum β-lactamases in escherichia coli and klebsiella pneumoniae in gulls, alaska, usa. 201424750592
regional, temporal, and species patterns of mercury in alaskan seabird eggs: mercury sources and cycling or food web effects?mercury concentration ([hg]), δ(15)n, and δ(13)c values were measured in eggs from common murres (uria aalge), thick-billed murres (u. lomvia), glaucous gulls (larus hyperboreus), and glaucous-winged gulls (l. glaucescens) collected in alaska from 1999 to 2005. [hg] was normalized to a common trophic level using egg δ(15)n values and published hg trophic magnification factors. egg [hg] was higher in murres from gulf of alaska, cook inlet, and norton sound regions compared to bering sea and berin ...201222522226
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